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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Trailer JUSTICE LEAGUE Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Anda Mahu Berkongsi Berita Ini?

Trailer filem JUSTICE LEAGUE kini dapat ditonton di Youtube dan rata-rata peminat komik terbitan DC memang teruja menantikan filem ini berada di pawagam. Diarahkan oleh Zack Snyder, filem ini menampilkan 6 orang superhero hebat termasuklah Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman dan ramai lagilah.

Jom kita tengok video mana lagi yang trending di Youtube Malaysia sepanjang minggu ini.

Last 7 days (August 5)

1) Justice League Trailer

Fans are excited about this upcoming DC superhero team film set to open in cinemas in 2017.

2) Kabali Trailer/Kabali Songs/Kabali*

The amazing hype around this movie after a week's release in local cinemas has sparked more searches among Malaysians.

3) Sayangku Kapten Mukhriz

Fans of this new local Malay drama starring Raja Afiq and Niena Baharun searched for highlights and video clips from the latest episode.

4) η›–δΈ– θ‹±ι›„ (Gai Shi Ying Xiong/Heroes of Remix 2016)

Fans tuned in to the latest episode of China's music reality show which gives electronic dance music a Chinese flavour. The show features international superstars such as Lee Hom and PSY.

5) Marina Joyce

This YouTuber from the UK hit the headlines when her video 'Date Outfit Ideas' sparked controversy around her being troubled or abused.

* These are separate but related search items, so we grouped them into one line.

Note: This list shows the fastest rising searches, meaning these were the search terms that saw the largest spike in video searches this week.


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— 124 Bacaan

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